50 pieces of writing advice from authorstream

Many writers would argue that the hardest part of writing is beginning. You have to show up every day and slowly give shape to your ideas, trying to find just the right words, searching for the right turn of phrase, until it all morphs into something real. Then comes the wait to discover how your writing will be received.

50 pieces of writing advice from authorstream

What is Copyright Dealing with Creative Commons How to avoid copyright infringement while using images, videos or music on your own presentation slides How to protect your own copyrights while sharing presentations with the world via online slide-sharing platforms.

Copyright is a protection provided to the authors for their original work. It protects an original and specific expression of ideas. This expression can be in various forms like pictures, music, videos, cartoons, audiotapes, literary works, drawings, speeches, and slides.

If the work is in the public domain like on the web, you can give a URL link to the copyrighted material. It is a popularly used licensing system among authors to give others permission to use their creations under a certain set of circumstances.

You need to at least include the following: Name of the author Title of the work if any Mention the Creative Commons license under which the original work is available Reproduce copyright notices if any as included by the creator An identification that your work is derivative which is an expressive creation that includes major, copyright-protected elements of an original, previously created first work How to avoid copyright infringement while using images, videos or music on your own presentation slides?

If you are looking to buy images, some of well-known sites are iStockfotolia and Corbis. Flickr too, has a huge collection, some are offered for free while others are available under a Creative Commons license.

50 pieces of writing advice from authorstream

One of the ways that can help you minimize copyright infringements is to have the URL and attribution of the image pasted at the bottom of the slide. For free music, you need to search open-source music sites like Internet Archive. These are internet libraries that collect public domain work and have frequently negotiated for rights.

Select from a vast library of music available online but ensure to give credit to the author. Before you purchase an image or use a picture freely available, you should always read copyright terms and conditions of these images or sites where they are available.

They might just let you use their work, on the condition that you give them credit. YouTube and Vimeo has a good collection of publicly available videos.

Quotes or Written Works: Using quotes of experts always add authenticity and value to your own views during the presentation delivery.

To use longer portion of the work, you need to directly seek permission from the author. How can you protect your own presentations online under copyright laws? What about protecting your own content? Enjoy using valuable content on your slides but always follow the fair practice to give credit to the author and expect the same from others when they use your presentation for their works.

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Vital Pieces of Life Advice - authorSTREAM Presentation Writing Literature Reviews: 15 Best Pieces of Advice. By: literaturerws Bio Tabs in 10 pieces, 25 pieces, 50 pieces - Old Amstedam Seed. By: John_Smith 28 of the best pieces of advice about life you’ll ever read.

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Amazing piece of advice to read especially the last one, it’s all a matter of perspective but happiness is a choice. Reply. Sourav Adhikari October 29, pm Thanks for the share. Reply. Gity.

Writing is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration.” “Learning to write well is not a matter of memorizing a set of rules. It’s a matter of mastering a set of techniques. Stephen King's greatest writing advice is the no-bullshit version of all those rejection letters writers receive, probably because he got a ton himself ” Check it out: Over his decades-spanning career, Stephen King has written an astounding 54 novels that have sold over million copies.

In writing, it refers to an article — specifically, usually a profile of a person, place, or thing, perhaps with a more conversational style, as opposed to a more straightforward news or . We recommend you to use authorSTREAM Desktop for searching and inserting images from Flickr or Bing.

authorSTREAM Desktop is a free PowerPoint plugin which lets you search images from Flickr and Bing from within the PowerPoint and even takes care of insertion of attribution.

5 Pieces of Writing Advice from Some of The Most Influential Christian Writers Alive