A discussion of the ways one or more texts the politics of gender

Psychoanalytic theory[ edit ] A number of theorists have influenced the field of gender studies significantly, specifically in terms of psychoanalytic theory. Ettingerand Mark Blechner.

A discussion of the ways one or more texts the politics of gender

A discussion of the ways one or more texts the politics of gender

Donna Bickford Course Description: This course deepens students understandings of how feminist perspectives situate power and privilege in relationship to interlocking categories of gender, race, class, sexuality, ability and nation.

Through foundational theoretical texts, it expands students understandings of significant theoretical frameworks that inform womens, gender, critical race and sexuality studies, as well as debates and tensions within them.

Frameworks may include political activisms, materialist feminism, standpoint epistemologies, critiques of scientific objectivity, intersectionality, postcolonialism, psychoanalysis, queer theory, transnational critique and feminist legal theory.

Helps students develop more nuanced understandings of the relationship between everyday experiences, political institutions, forms of resistance and theoretical meaning-making.

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WGSS andor co-requisite with permission of instructor. Kathryn Oliviero Course Description: Why do global controversies over immigration so often center on migrant womens fertility and their childrens access to government benefits?

Why do some countries accept LGBT migrants but deny them the right to adopt, use assisted reproductive technologies, or extend citizenship to their children?

How are efforts to limit marriage-and-family based migration racialized and classed? What are the gendered implications when nurses are a countrys central export?

A discussion of the ways one or more texts the politics of gender

Could building a border wall or sending refugees back stop unwanted immigration? This course examines how intersecting gender, sexual and ethnic hierarchies shape and are shaped by immigration. Applying insights from feminist and queer theories of migration, students will explore how the gendered processes surrounding immigration craft concepts of nation, borders and citizenship.

Readings and films examine how sexual and racial norms are renegotiated through the selection and regulation of immigrants. Central to our investigation is how transnational and economic forces compel migration, reshaping understandings of national belonging, workplaces, and family in the process.

We will particularly consider how migrants negotiate multiple marginalizations, and in turn refashion understandings of community, identities, culture, and politics. An interdisciplinary framework combines media, law, activist, film, literary and historical accounts.

Adeline Soldin Course Description: Cross-listed with FREN What is an identity? Is it something innate one is born with or is it something learned and acquired with time?

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Are identities fixed or fluid? How does one communicate identity through behavior, speech, and media? How does one read or perceive others identities? These are the types of questions students will explore in this class through the study of 19th and 20th-century French novels, plays, and film.

Drawing on performance theory, identity studies, and womens, gender, and queer studies, we will examine different notions of identity, performance, and performative identity. Students will cultivate their proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding French while developing their analytic, critical thinking, and cultural competency skills.While the bulk of previous studies on gender and political behavior focus on the United States, a growing literature compares gender differences across nations.

feminist theory, learn about feminist epistemology and feminist research methods, and study the ways in which liberal, radical, post-colonial, and queer feminists conceptualize oppression and resistance. All of these factors, and no doubt more, interact in shaping how audiences receive and use texts and must be taken into account in studying cultural reception, for audiences decode and use texts according to the specific constituents of their class, race or ethnicity, gender, sexual preferences and so on. A central concern of ours will be with gender in peoples practical, everyday lives: how gender is crucial to understanding politics, economics, development, social life, .

Early cross-national research often compared Western European democracies, and the more recent availability of a wider range of comparative surveys has led to comparative studies of .

Politics and Protest in American Musical History 3 WWI or WWII The Korean War The Vietnam War The Iraq War Music and the military Music's function in The White House. One important distinction we can make, though, when it comes to theories of gender and sexuality is that between 1) those critics who accept the distinction between gender as nurture and sex as nature and are, therefore, more interested in exploring the value of marginalized subject positions (including those determined by race); and 2) those.

Gender studies, and more particularly queer studies within gender studies, were repeatedly criticized by the Vatican.

Pope Francis spoke about "ideological colonization", [63] by which he meant that "gender ideology" threatens traditional family and fertile heterosexuality. General Introduction to Theories of Gender and Sex we here provide a timeline of the history of gender and sexuality, one that is similar to the timeline provided in the General Eighteenth-century medical science paved the way for a strictly binary system of gender by "discovering" the incommensurable differences between male and female.

Whose American Government? A Quantitative Analysis of Gender and Authorship in American Politics Texts Abstract However, we find that textbooks with one or more female author have significantly more gender-related content. Female political scientists better integrate gender into their textbooks, and thus.

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