Biocon case analysis

The adjective viral dates to History of virology and Social history of viruses Louis Pasteur was unable to find a causative agent for rabies and speculated about a pathogen too small to be detected using a microscope.

Biocon case analysis

Biocon case analysis

Worst case is those conditions within normal parameters most likely to give failure. Lacs This is an Indian system of counting and 10 lacs is equal to 1 million. Cleaning Validation Approach This specific protocol shall be applicable to Tablet and Capsule section only.

Due to complexity of manufacturing and packing of multiple products using same equipment a Bracketing approach shall be applied to prioritize Cleaning Validation Program based on scientific rationale. The approach evaluates overall cleaning requirement of the product range and concentrates the validation effort to develop Worst Case situation, where common cleaning procedures are followed Biocon case analysis similar Biocon case analysis Operating Principle and Capacity of equipment.

The Worst Case is considered on the basis of following factors: Solubility, Cleanability Therapeutic Dose of the Product Concentration of Active Ingredient Equipment combination Equipment Train In this bracketing approach cleaning validation of each equipment train shall be performed based upon the worst-case product selected for that equipment train.

A Matrix of Equipment combination with the details of equipment name, I. Rationale for the residue limit established should be scientific, logical and based upon knowledge of the material.

The limits should be practical, achievable and verifiable. Product to Product change over After every five consecutive batches of the same product Production of same products in descending potency After any major changes of product contact parts Receiving of new equipment Selection of Products Refer Annexure 1 Product matrix and selection or worst case products for Products manufactured in tablet and capsule section.

Cleaning of equipments that are not within the equipment train If any equipment is not used in the production of worst case products i. Three successful runs of batches or different strength of the same product shall be considered for completion of cleaning validation activity.

Sampling shall be done from all the pre-decided locations and as per surface area mentioned. The critical parts of equipment, which are difficult to clean, shall be considered for sampling. Critical in-process control shall be evaluated with respect to the laid down specification.

Precaution and Instructions Uncleaned and cleaned equipments shall be transferred to cleaning area in closed condition. If the cleaning is not done in the same area.

Cleaning Agent SLS shall be used wherever applicable. Visual inspection shall be performed after completion of cleaning and drying of equipments. After satisfactory observation, the equipment shall be allowed for sampling.

A successful visual inspection is a pre requisite for sampling. If any residue is detected during the visual inspection, this represents a deviation which must be processed according to a pre defined procedure and the equipment shall be cleaned again until visual inspection is satisfactory.

The first step of the sampling sequence is the test for microbiological contamination to prevent false positive results from preceding tests. The second step of the sampling sequence is the swab test.

The last step of the sampling sequence is the rinse sampling.

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For cleaned equipment hold time studies the cleaned equipments must be kept completely closed covered with cling film. Acceptance Criteria Product Residue Contamination The rationale for selecting limits of carryover of product residue shall be logically based on the materials involved.

On the basis of following criteria acceptance limits i. Dose Criteria or safety based criteria or medical limit criteria As per this criteria not more 0.Session/Tracks. Generic Biosimilars is the biggest Pharmaceutical meeting of the worldwide Pharma industry, drawing in participants from around the Platform gives a one of a kind gathering to nonexclusive pharmaceutical officials from around the globe to arrange and hear incredibly famous specialists talking about the most recent knowledge into the universal business.

Clicking on reference links within the text of this report will bring you to its full details in this section: the reference sought will be at the very top of your view. Prevalence and importance of polymorphism occurring in pharmaceutical compounds are well recognized.

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It is of great importance to prepare and select the right form from the beginning during drug discovery and development. A virus is a small infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of other initiativeblog.coms can infect all types of life forms, from animals and plants to microorganisms, including bacteria and archaea..

Since Dmitri Ivanovsky's article describing a non-bacterial pathogen infecting tobacco plants, and the discovery of the tobacco mosaic virus by Martinus Beijerinck in Bengaluru-based biopharma company Biocon posted muted annual results on Friday, as it was faced with continued pricing challenges in the generics business, a plant shutdown and lower licensing income.

This R tutorial provides a condensed introduction into the usage of the R environment and its utilities for general data analysis and clustering.

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