Charateristics of epic heros essay example

Personally, I find depending on the play some of the characteristics more convincing and others less so. Try testing a play we're reading in class against these ideas.

Charateristics of epic heros essay example

Perseus The only son of Zeus and Danae — and, thus, a Charateristics of epic heros essay example by birth — Perseus was one of the greatest heroes in Greek mythology, most renowned for beheading the only mortal GorgonMedusaand using her severed head capable of turning onlookers into stone as a mighty weapon in his subsequent adventures.

One of these was Electryon, the father of Alcmenewhose union with Zeus produced the most complete Greek hero ever, Heracles.

Once he was told by the Oracle of Apollo that there would come a day when one of Danae 's sons would kill him. To thwart the prophecy, Acrisius imprisoned his daughter in bronze, underground chamber; that way — he thought — she would never be able to marry, let alone have any offspring.

The Banishment of Danae During a routine visit sometime later, Acrisius was astonished to find Danae in her chamber with a baby boy in her hands. Dictys Possibly guided by the gods, the chest eventually arrived safely to the island of Seriphos, which was ruled by the relatively just king Polydectes.

It so happened that the chest was caught in the fishing nets of the king's brother, Dictys, who not only freed Danae and her son but also offered them a place to live. It is in the modest home of Dictys that Perseus grew up to become a strong young man.

He tried wooing her and eventually even asked her hand in marriage, but the timid princess repeatedly spurned his advances. His only obstacle was, naturally, her son; so, the king devised a cunning plan to get rid of Perseus.

Namely, Polydectes pretended that he had proposed Hippodameiathe daughter of Oenomausthe king of Pisa in Elis. On royal orders, every citizen of Seriphos was now obliged to bring a horse as a contribution for the bride-gift Hippodamia means "tamer of horses" ; being poor, Perseus could not oblige, so he asked Polydectes to name any other gift: After all, even a single glance from the snake-haired monster was sufficient to turn a man into a stone.

Charateristics of epic heros essay example

The Quest for the Gorgon Medusa Perseus is most famous for his expedition against the Gorgonsduring which he slew the only mortal of the three, Medusataking with him her severed head — capable of turning anyone into stone — and using it as a powerful weapon.

Fortunately for Perseusthe gods cast a merciful look upon his despair: On their advice, Perseus headed off to find the Graeaethe sisters of the Gorgonswho were supposed to give him further directions. The Graeae and the Nymphs The Graeae were three grey-haired women who lived in a cave and shared a single eye and a tooth among them.

When one of them was about to give the eye and the tooth to one of the others, Perseus grabbed them and blackmailed the Graeae to aid him.

Charateristics of epic heros essay example

Having no choice but to oblige, the Graeae informed Perseus that he should go and visit certain nymphs of the north, who not only knew the location of the Gorgons but also owned winged sandals and a kibisis, probably something akin to a magic, impenetrable bag.

Upon arriving among the hospitable nymphs, Perseus learned that they also keep possession of an even more precious item: Wearing it, he saw whom he pleased, but was not seen by others. And having received also from Hermes an adamantine sickle, he flew to the ocean and caught the Gorgons asleep.

To emulate the sound of this lament, Athena invented the music of the double pipe, the aulos. Back in Seriphos, upon learning that he had harassed his mother, Perseus turned Polydectes into stone.

Afterward, accidentally, he killed his grandfather Acrisius as well, thus fulfilling the prophecy which caused his wanderings in the first place.

Atlas On his way back to Seriphos, Perseus came across the Titan Atlascondemned to hold the heavens on his shoulders. Cetus and Andromeda Traversing further through Africa, Perseus reached the land of the Aethiopians ruled by the good, but unfortunate king Cepheus.

Perseus fell in love with Andromeda at first sight and made a deal with her father: Upon witnessing his bravery, Cepheus gladly gave Andromeda in marriage to Perseus. Within a year the couple had its first child, Persesthe ancestor of all future Persian kings.

When Perseus threw the discus, it accidentally hit an old man on the foo, killing him on the spot. As it should be evident by now, that old man was none other than Acrisius ; thus, the prophecy was fulfilled.

The Aftermath After burying Acrisius outside of ArgosPerseus was too ashamed to go back there and ask for the throne. So, he went to Megapenthes who ruled at Tyrins and made an exchange with him, surrendering Argos into his hands and getting Tyrins in return.The Revolutionary Period It will be convenient to treat the fifty years which elapsed between the meeting at New York, in , of a Congress of delegates from nine colonies to protest against the Stamp Act, and the close of the second war with England, in , as, for literary purposes, a .

For example, in the play Antigone, the reader may have some difficulty deciding who the tragic hero is.

Nevertheless, a careful examination of the facts reveals that Antigone is the true tragic heroine because she’s brave, flawed, and noble. The hero of an epic is characterized by their extraordinary abilities and strength which helped them to meet all the challenges they need to face along their journey.

They are the main subjects of these long narrative epic poems. romanticism and the brontËs Romanticism, the literary movement traditionally dated to in England, affected all the arts through the nineteenth century.

The Brontës were familiar with the writings of the major romantic poets and the novels of Sir Walter Scott. Students will be able to define epic hero, list epic heroes from works of literature, film, or television, and take away the effects of an epic hero on plot.

What students should know and be able to do before starting this lesson: Students should be able to list heroes and villains from popular works of literature or movies and television. Browse thousands of essays from our giant database of academic papers. Find assignments like Drugs.

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