Homeless women essay

However our brief encounters with the homeless reinforce biases and perceptions that influence our existence as everyday citizens, as we label them "dirty" inadequacies who have made a life for themselves that is less than acceptable. Homelessness is considered a socio-economic status that has typically been dominated by men, striking people living below the poverty threshold. However, since a number of factors are associated with homelessness, consistencies in any racial group will vary depending on their socioeconomic, demographic, and other sociological characteristics. More specifically, as described by Kathryn Edin and Laura Lein in Making Ends Meetblack women constitute between nine and ten percent of the entire homeless population.

Homeless women essay

Homeless Essay The Issue of Homelessness in US Homelessness is a huge area of concern in the United States and it is something that social services and government officials are struggling to deal with. It is estimated that at any given time there are more thanpeople homeless in the United States.

Homeless women essay

Of the half a million homeless Americans, approximately a quarter of them are children. One of the biggest factors that is contributing to the large number of homeless people in the country is that there is a substantial lack of affordable housing.

Who Is Affected By Homelessness? If you have never had any Homeless women essay experience of homelessness, it is Homeless women essay that you have a pretty inaccurate idea of what, or who, a homeless person is.

It is very easy to assume that homeless people are the stereotypical drunken bums we see in the movies. However, in reality homelessness is something that can affect anybody. It is hard to pin down an exact figure because different organizations define homeless as different things.

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For example, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development base their figures on people who are living in homeless shelters, transitional housing, in cars or on the streets. However, the National Center for Homeless Education also includes children who are sharing housing on a temporary basis and those currently waiting for foster care placement since they have no fixed address of their own.

It is believed that several thousands of homeless children are unaccompanied, meaning that they have no parent or othe adult caring for them. Another group of people who are a large part of the homeless population are veterans.

Contributing Factors Of Homelessness in The United States One of the biggest causes of homelessness in the United States is a severe lack of affordable housing and with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development having their budget slashed this is set to continue.

It is estimated that around 10, units of subsidized low income housing are lost each year. It is not only the low income families who are suffering.

It is estimated that most people are spending half of their income on rent and since one in ten mortgaged properties has been foreclosed on, making the demand for affordable housing even greater.

Public rental assistance does exist, but waiting lists are several years long. As an example, Charlotte, NC just opened up their applications after 14 years of not accepting new applicants and 10, families applied!

They have found themselves homeless after fleeing from their homes often in fear for their own lives.


They have nowhere else to go and are forced to make the choice between remaining in a dangerous and abusive situation or sleeping rough. Other Problems Stemming From Homelessness Being homeless and not having a safe place to sleep is a big enough issue by itself, but it also leads to many other issues.

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For example, a growing number of cities across the country are criminalizing homelessness meaning that not only are people battling homelessness, but they are also at risk of gaining a criminal record making it harder for them to get a job or rent an apartment thus making it even more difficult for them to get out of homelessness.

Another major issue relating to homelessness is the detrimental affect that it has on health. Around half of these people are self medicating and are likely making the situation worse by adding addiction and poor physical health into the mix.Homeless and Abused Women Essay - Many women in the world are faced with domestic violence.

Some of these women do not have the strength to leave the man who is abusing them. Other women leave the home or relationship and will find themselves in poverty or even worse, homelessness. They aren’t always trapped in homelessness alone, sometimes.

Single childless homeless women have higher rates of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and substance use disorders than homeless mothers do. Angela Cheung () found that 72% of homeless mothers had a probable lifetime substance use disorder, mental disorder, or both.

Homeless women essay

Free Essay: Substance abuse is a wide-reaching issue affecting millions of people worldwide. It is an issue particularly troublesome for members of an.

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Homeless Essay The Issue of Homelessness in US Homelessness is a huge area of concern in the United States and it is something that social services and government officials are struggling to deal with. Essay on Homelessness and Children Words 2 Pages Around the world millions of children are found homeless, sleeping in the streets, under bridges, or on deserted properties.

Homeless Women Homeless is a social category of people who do not have a place to stay because they may not afford initiativeblog.com a category of people are not in a position to maintain a regular and adequate initiativeblog.coms indicate that homelessness is worsening in United States of America and initiativeblog.com are between one million.

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