How to write a letter to the president of south africa

We have launched a Global Letter Writing Campaign! We are appealing to the YOUTH in South Africa to join children from around the world by writing a letter to our President — President Jacob Zuma expressing your concern for the rising and cruel massacre of our rhino and asking for his guidance and assistance before it is too late. They visited South Africa in and learned about the seriousness of the poaching situation and decided that something had to be done.

How to write a letter to the president of south africa

OPINION: Open letter to the president of South Africa, Mr JG Zuma

I request a meeting with you to talk about the state of South Africa and your dream and vision for it now. I wish to understand your mindset and the way forward for our country, which I think you will agree is deeply conflicted at present.

As a young person, I am deeply troubled by the corruption and our poor economic growth. Growing up I looked up to you and your leadership, I believed in you.

I come from a family which strongly support you they still do but I feel as if you have failed us and I would like to talk to you and get a better understanding of South Africa right now from your perspective.

Our country is on the verge of a serious political crisis, in part because of your leadership and ideas about South Africa. I am a person who always sees good and am open to new ideas and I still believe that there is good in South Africa and our country can grow and prosper.

I feel as your leadership has created deep divisions in our country and we no longer work to create a better nation for all.

As a young person, this affects my future and I am concerned. Are you willing to stand up for our nation and for all South Africans? I am willing and able to meet with you anytime.

I look forward to meeting with you Mr President, to have a better understanding of your actions and the impact they are having on my country.Posted by OromianEconomist in #OromoProtests, Africa, Africa Union, Oromia, Oromo. Tags: #OromoProtests, Ethiopia, Global rally in solidarity with #Oromo students in Oromia, Nelson Mandela and Taddasaa Birruu, Oromia, Oromo, Oromo Refugees in .

On June 26, , Human Rights Watch published "Diamonds in the Rough," a detailed report on the situation in Marange.

how to write a letter to the president of south africa

In June , after much debate, the KPCS sent a review mission to Zimbabwe. Letters From White South Africa 3 hrs · The party’s PEC will meet today to discuss the fate of provincial deputy chairperson Florence Radzilani and treasurer Danny Msiza.

To sign a letter to South African President Botha. Facts State has requested that you sign the proposed letter to South African President P.W. Botha, which will serve as the focus of Chet Crocker's planned meeting next week with President Botha in South Africa.

Letters to leaders. Also, make sure your requests haven’t already been fulfilled: e.g. don’t ask South Africa to dismantle its nuclear weapons – it has already done this! Sample letter. Dear President, I write to you because I am deeply concerned about the threat that nuclear weapons pose to our health, global security and human.

The Oromo people stood by the ANC and the people of South Africa during your long and difficult struggle against the illegal and unjust apartheid regime. The Oromo people were part and parcel in fighting against the apartheid regime by giving material and technical support.

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