How to write a review for a shop on etsy

I have had good and bad experiences, but I simply love being able to support small businesses and individuals over corporations. It is important to know what Etsy is before you purchase. Etsy isn't a seller, they are simply a marketplace platform for people to list their items for sale.

How to write a review for a shop on etsy

Create Demos This was a huge time saver for me and something I put off for a long time. Last year I received daily convos asking to see demos of my themes and it was fairly time consuming to respond even with a canned answer.

The more themes I have available, the more people are likely to browse and buy. Also, fuller shops appear more active, successful, and give the impression of higher-quality products.

Listen to your customers If one person asks for something, six more people are right behind them with the same question or request. Adding info to my listings and options to my shop was another great time saver.

Promote on Twitter with photos! Every time I share a theme on Twitter, I make a sale.

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Instead of creating 50 themes to cover multiple colors and styles, I added color and font change options to allow for customers to dictate the final product themselves. Seems like a small amount of time, but it adds up!

Customer might forget or not even think to write a review, so a reminder always helps! Consider pricing This is a great example I learned from Tara Gentile. Because a higher price means a better product.

Hopefully IRL, but absolutely in customers minds How many times have you bought a piece of jewelry off Etsy for a gift?

how to write a review for a shop on etsy

If you clicked the link to open your own shop in my previous Etsy blog post, you would get 40 free listings and I would get 40 free listings. Well it gets better… If you recall, that post was one of my highest trafficked, which means as of right now I have 3, free listings.

I will likely never have to pay that 20 cent listing fee again. Now THAT is a good deal! There was an error submitting your subscription.Original review: Dec. 30, I opened a shop with Etsy to generate sales for my products. I’m a single mother of two young children and am desperate to make this business work.

It is my /5().

10 things I've learned after sales on Etsy • XO Sarah

Basically Etsy reviews work as any other online marketplace review system: buyers leave star rated reviews for their purchases that are available for reviewing. But . 5 Ways to Get Great Reviews.

Positive customer reviews are key to building a successful Etsy shop. Check out one seller's tips for garnering fabulous feedback. How to Write an Etsy ReviewGo to "Your Account" → "Purchases & a star rating for the first item you would like to a review for the "Post Your for each item.

This week I hit sales in my Etsy shop. Since my previous Etsy tips post was so popular, I figured you might want to know what I’ve learned about building, promoting, and selling products on Etsy since then.

Customer might forget or not even think to write a review, so a reminder always helps! Use those reviews. 10 Things I’ve. Shop for Books; San Francisco, CA Brr, it´s cold outside. Search. Submit. RELATED ARTICLES. How to Leave Feedback after an Etsy Purchase.

While signed in to your Etsy account, click the Your Account link along the top of any Etsy page. Click the Feedback link on the left side of the screen.

Why Starting an Etsy Shop is a Bad Idea (And What to Do Instead)