Last minute revision techniques

Prevalence[ edit ] Cramming is often done the night before a test, or in the days before a final exam.

Last minute revision techniques

Here are a bunch of handy last minute SAT tips that will help you stay focused and raise your scores. However, last minute studying can also be useful for learning some final pieces of information and being fully prepared. Follow these tips to ensure that the extra effort pays off!

Now is the time to drill down into your mistakes and analyze Last minute revision techniques reasons why you made them. Make sure you understand the route to the correct answer and why your answer choice was incorrect. Even if you just do this for one section, you should start to see major score improvements.

On the Math section, I also recommend initially spending no more than a minute on each question in both portions. Day of the Test Follow these tips on the morning of the SAT to ensure you start the test prepared and on the right foot.

Sleep Strategically Go to bed early, and try to sleep at least seven hours the night before the test. You should be totally alert by the time you get to the test center. As for whether you should drink coffee Dress for Success You want to dress as comfortably as possible.

The testing room is a judgment-free zone. But you might want to take off the mascot head so that you have enough peripheral vision to see your answer sheet.

Follow these tips to get the best test-testing experience. But really try and shut out anxious thoughts that arise during the test. Do a little mini mindfulness session where you focus on your breathing and nothing else for a couple of seconds.

This will lower your blood pressure and clarify your thinking. Remember, the most productive thing you can do right now is to keep on going even if some of the questions scare you.

Spent more than 30 seconds looking at a writing question with no success? You can circle the questions you skip and come back to them at the end if you have extra time. If you let yourself get bogged down, you might not make it to future easier questions that could earn you more points.

Have a few minutes at the end of a section?

Dumb mistakes are frustrating, and usually they can be corrected if you just look over the questions again. Make sure that you use direct evidence from the passage to back up your points and show the validity of your analysis. Here are some relevant things to keep in mind about each section: Save time by skimming the passages in the reading section when you first get to them.

If you need to you can read certain sections more closely later to answer specific questions. Take reading passages at face value.


Usually, the most logical answer based on what you see is correct. On the calculator portion of the Math section, use the computing power of your calculator to its full advantage. If you come across questions about graphs of equations, use the graphing function.

The SAT tests simple concepts that are sometimes presented in weird formats. You must submit your written request for cancelation to the College Board by midnight on the Wednesday after the test. For advice on whether you should cancel your scores and how to go about doing it, read this article.

Taking the Test Again?Login to access the Upswing Virtual Learning Center for Houston Community College. Get revision tips and techniques from our experts and say goodbye to stress during exam season. Here you’ll find the best ways to help your pupils revise for their Sats, GCSEs or A levels and discover revision techniques that will keep your class motivated and on track to achieve their best results.

Last minute revision techniques

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Have you have been too busy or simply procrastinated getting ready for a test? Practice some simple memorization techniques to help you supercharge your last-minute cram session. Categories: Last Minute Exam Revision | Test Preparation. In other languages: Italiano: Preparare un Esame in una Notte, Español: 83%().

Now that you have learned some of the techniques that can help to make last minute revision more effective, you can maximise the marks that you can get from those last few days. Remember the risks, and don’t make any reckless decisions without having good reason to do so.

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