Mortgage representative business plan

To provide a high quality service so that customers will perceive great value. To expand into the national market. To obtain additional funding to fuel the expansion. To become one of the premier nationally known equity lenders serving individuals with less than perfect credit or who are self-employed.

Mortgage representative business plan

Therefore, unsecured creditors usually receive pro-rata payments, only if they file claims. As you can see, the longer you wait, i. Therefore, the best time to file a chapter 13 is before a foreclosure starts. Plans may not exceed 60 months.

Some creditors may include interest over the life of the plan. This may also increase the amount you are paying.

Interest over the life of the plan is sometimes allowed if there is sufficient equity in the property i. Don't have any secured debts? If you are not curing mortgage or vehicle payment arrears, then your payment is governed by several rules: The payment must be the debtor's "best effort," that is, all of the debtor's projected disposable income that is earned in the three-year period will be applied to make payments under the plan.

Click here for the Bankruptcy Code on the subject. Also, the payment may not propose to pay less than the unsecured creditors would get if the debtor filed a Chapter 7. This means what they creditors would receive after you took your bankruptcy exemptions.

Generally, unless otherwise provided for by the plan speak to your attorney about thisyou payments are due 30 days after you filing date. They are generally payable every month at that time. All payments are payable by money order or certified funds only. No personal checks are ever accepted.

You, not your attorney, are responsible to keep track of your payments.

mortgage representative business plan

It is suggested that you keep a careful record of your payments, in case of a dispute. Always retain the money order receipt, or other proof of payment.

This office has prepared a form that you can use to keep track of the payments. Get our payment record form here. It is suggested that you attach your receipts directly to this form as you make them. Feel free to copy this form as much as you wish.

I do not have a job. Can I file Chapter 13? Generally, any individual with a regular income can file a chapter A regular income can come from social security, SSI, SSDI, private disability insurance, retirement income, government assistance welfareor any source of regular and dependable income.

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Some courts even allow assistance from relatives to be counted.We have the mortgage for you whether you are building your own house, renovating or simply looking for a better rate on your existing house while you plan your project.

Nothing is more important to us than the long-term success and financial well-being of our customers. Small and mid-sized business owners turn to Fidelity Bank because our bankers take the time to find out what is important to them, becoming their partners in success.

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