Of mice and men the death

Hire Writer However, the ranch hands also do not accept Curley s wife because she obviously is so lonely that the only way she can get attention is by flirting. The only one who does not dismiss her when she flirts is Lennie who is obviously trying to make a friend with another lonely person. These lonely individuals make this novel into a very sad story of real life situations of when people really do not fit in. The idea of obtaining a little farm with animals and crops raised by George and Lennie, and later joined by Candy, an old man, shows how dreams may cause a man to do anything to fulfill that dream.

Of mice and men the death

But justifying capital punishment was the last thing on the mind of the author, a liberal thinker who created the character of Lennie to increase our understanding of the mentally challenged and the American underclass. I am certain that if my father, John Steinbeck were here, he would be deeply angry and ashamed to see his work used in this way.

Arguing before the Supreme Court last month in Moore v. Todd Henderson, a University of Chicago law professor, pointed out the nature of the incongruity in Recently, my wife and I traveled to the National Steinbeck Center in neighboring Salinas to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.

That evening, we left our comfortable bed and breakfast to stroll hand-in-hand along the shore celebrated by Steinbeck in Sea of Cortez and Cannery Row. Nowhere, not even in the turbulent tide pools that Steinbeck explored with his wife Carol, did we perceive the death penalty. Stephen Cooper is a former D.

He has contributed to numerous magazines and newspapers in the United States and overseas.

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Follow him on Twitter SteveCooperEsq. This piece was written for http:Apr 28,  · To Lennie’s death he was more sympathetic towards George then the rest of the guys were because he understood. This shows us that he is caring and that hes not heartless like the rest of the men in the book.

1. Lennie scares the girl in Weed and makes them leave.

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> 2. Lennie has to hide in the brush when he is in trouble.

Of mice and men the death

> initiativeblog.com crushes Curley's hand. > 4. Jul 06,  · A scene from Of Mice and Men, the ending to the story, Lenny runs away after killing Curly's Wife, George finds him, and ends up shooting Lenny!

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Of Mice and Men is the story of two men, George and Lennie, working toward their dream--essentially to retire by acquiring a farm of their own. The story brilliantly shows how easy it is to make dreams a reality, how obvious it is to have dreams and chase them/5(K). The other exceptional example of mercy killing in Of Mice and Men is that of the killing of Lennie Small.

Lennie had many problems, both physically and mentally, that hampered him from being able to act and talk like normal people.

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