Planning a field trip essay

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Planning a field trip essay

The order of these steps may be different for you, but be sure to think about all of these points.

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Decide Where You are Going You may already know where you are going and can skip this step, but if not, do some brainstorming. Talk to colleagues who may also be involved with the trip, and try to come up with some ideas. Think about places that enhance and reinforce your curriculum goals.

Do some quick research to see if these ideas are feasible. Check for cost, location and the services that the place offers. Also, check to make sure they are open on the day you are considering coming.

Once you have narrowed it down, talk to your colleagues again. You also may, depending on how much student input you allow, ask the students for their preferences.

Finally, decide on where you are going. Talk To Your Principal Talking to your principal is the first step in planning a field trip. Ask Your Administrator Next, you have to check with your administrator.

Hopefully, you already know that you are allowed to have a field trip of some kind, but now you will have to run the specific idea past him.

Jot some notes before you go to present the idea. Tell her why you want to go that darn curriculum againwhat dates you are thinking of, and what the cost will be.

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She may say yes right away, but you may have to wait. When you get the go-ahead, fill out whatever forms are required for your school division. Just make sure all of that paperwork is done well ahead of time.

This keeps your principal happy, which keeps you happy! It is Important to Arrange Transportation! Be sure to arrange transportation for your field trip early. Arrange for Transportation First of all, we have to focus on some very basic things.

You have to decide how you are going to get those little munchkins there and back, and how you are going to feed them. In most cases, it will be a bus, but with smaller groups, you may take staff vehicles.

If it is very local, you may even walk to the destination.

Planning a field trip essay

If taking the bus or staff vehicles, it is important to fill out the required forms. The transportation has to have the time to make sure they can find a driver and have an available bus.

As well, they will need to know when your departing and coming back, because they may need those buses for other purposes. Decide on a Food Plan Decide on where you will eat, and when.

Here are some different options: Sometimes the facility will have a restaurant or cafeteria on-site. This makes for easier supervision, but you are not sure of the food quality.

The facility may even offer a special for groups coming in, so check with them to see if they do. This would be an easy option, because it could be done up ahead, and would save on waiting time.

Bring their own lunch: This is the cheapest option. The advantage of this is that it is usually popular with students.Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Field Trip" Field Trip (Essay Sample) September 8, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google+ 0 Viber WhatsApp.

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Planning a field trip essay

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For Teachers - Pre and Post Field Trip Planning Guide