Positive and negative team impacts on diversity

Diversity in the workplace is generally regarded as a positive for companies that manage it effectively.

Positive and negative team impacts on diversity

On almost every measure, workplace teams thatare comprised of staff members from a variety of different racial, ethnic, andcultural backgrounds function more effectively than work groups that are homogenous, or comprised mostly of staff members with similar backgrounds.

According to Scott E. Page, author of The Difference: How the Power of Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools, and Societiessome of the most striking divergences can beseen in the areas of problem-solving, conflict resolution, and creativity. Inthese three crucial skill sets, diverse groups have been shown consistently to outperform their homogenous counterparts.

Although researchers are still working to better understand the why and how of these results, most agree with the preliminary theory thatdiverse groups perform better because they bring a wide variety ofperspectives, experiences, and attitudes to the table.

When combined, thediverse staff generates a unique team dynamic that is more wide-ranging in itsscope, breadth, and depth, and thus better equipped to tackle complex problems and challenges. Even as researchers continue to study the effects ofdiversity in work groups, real-world managers and other practitioners have beendevising new ways to help organizations tap into the performance-boostingstrengths of their diverse work groups.

Here are some basic strategies to help you get started. Understand the Nature of Creative Problem-Solving. The process of innovation in a diverseworkplace is not always pretty.

Whenever possible, just step back andgive your diverse team the time and space necessary to work things out in their own unique way. We tend to gravitate toward people whoshare our views, opinions, and backgrounds. Create cross-disciplinary teams that cut across cliques, departments, andsocial groups.

This is the kind of environment where truly meaningful innovation can take root. If your company has a traditional, hierarchical structure and culture, it may take some time to getto the point where subordinates feel comfortable exercising their creative problem-solving skills.

The workplace diversity research tellsus that great new ideas are often borne out of the clash of differentperspectives.

On a surface level, this collision of different worldviews andattitudes can often result in conflicts between employees.

Positive and negative team impacts on diversity

For example, it may be beneficial to train your staff in the basicsof effective cross-cultural communication. Also, agree on an organization-widegame plan for resolving workplace conflicts in a civil, compassionate manner.Based on the meta-analysis of studies done by Stahl et al., diversity was found to have negative impact on satisfaction (qtd.

in Stahl et al. 10); consequently, it can harm team performance. Schools cannot discriminate against students on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, religion or culture. Classrooms are therefore more diverse, which has often been perceived as benefiting all.

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Chapter 4 Positive but also Negative Effects of Ethnic Diversity in Schools on Educational Performance? An Empirical Test Using PISA Data Jaap Dronkers and Rolf van der Velden. The impact of team diversity on your business. Mar 07, celineroque. business trends, it can have negative effects on both the company and individual employees.

Another solution that shows promise is having specific individuals take responsibility for team diversity, whether it’s a taskforce or a manager. Not only can they. Jun 29,  · Cultural diversity, ethnic diversity and the presence of multiple perspectives stand to benefit a company when leadership is focused on positive outcomes and a team-building environment.

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