Research papers on stephen crane writing style

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Research papers on stephen crane writing style

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Stephen Crane Stephen Crane was a forerunner of the realistic writers in America after the civil war. His style included the use of impressionism, symbolism, and irony which helped credit him with starting the beginning of modern American Naturalism.

He is also known for the novel Maggie: His unique style did not always follow a plot structure and focused on mental drama as well as external. He was the youngest of fourteen children. Even with this religious influence Crane enjoyed playing cards, dancing, drinking, and smoking.

In his father passed away and the family moved to Asbury Park, New Jersey. He began to develop an interest in Civil War studies and military training. Crane then went to Lafayette College for a semester followed by Syracuse University for another semester.

To earn money he worked as a freelance writer for his brothers who worked at the New York Tribune.

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He spent most of his college time playing baseball and studying the humanity of people rather than school work. Before leaving college Crane wrote the foundation for his first novel Maggie. Working part time for the New York Tribune Crane gained first-hand knowledge of poverty during this time.

He studied city life in the slums of New York and was able to realistically portray this in his writings.

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During this time he finished the novel Maggie: The story was rejected by numerous editors as the felt it was too cruel and honest and would shock readers. Eventually he borrowed the money and had it printed under the alias Johnston Smith in The book was not a success because it was brutally honest which at that time was unpopular.

It was not until when he revised the book that it was widely accepted.Teenage drug abuse research paper, essay on doctor words, rainy season essay in marathi, anarchism and other essays by emma goldman.

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Research papers on stephen crane writing style

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Naturalistic works are generally pessimistic and frank in nature, the environment is often grotesque with.

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Research papers on stephen crane writing style

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