Sector analysis

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Sector analysis

Sector analysis

I was under the impression that each stock traded completely independent of other stocks. While my logic made rational sense it made no sense to the reality of how the stock market works. You had to do hours of research to find out which stocks were in each sector manually.

Stock Sectors Traders Should Focus On I typically begin my analysis of sectors by looking at industries that went through a long trend in recent years.

I want to find sectors that have been beaten up and are ready to make a comeback or sectors that are trading above 1 year highs. The stock has been in a bear market along with all the other stocks in this sector for over 6 years now.

Notice the double bottom and the uptrend that began several months ago. Remember that this is a monthly chart which represents strong fundamental changes in the markets over several years.

Sector analysis

This is how you want to begin sector analysis with very long term view of the sector. You want to make sure that other larger stocks in that sector are pretty much doing the same thing more or less. This is a very important step because when multiple stocks in the same sector are behaving the same way it demonstrates that there is a fundamental reason for their behavior.

Take a look at this chart of D. If you look at the two companies you can see that they are trading very similarly to each other. Notice we are deep into our analysis and we are still only looking at the long term view of the sector. By looking at the sector through a magnifying glass we can begin to see which stock is the best and worst candidate for short term set ups.

First isolate the sector you are interested in and then begin analyzing the strongest and weakest stocks in that sector. Once you identify the closest trading stocks, compare them side by side to see which one is the strongest and which one is the weakest out of the two.

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Once you go through this process, you can begin your short term trend analysis and actual set up conditions for the strongest and weakest stocks in each sector.

Next time I will show you where to go from here in your stock sector analysis. Wishing you the best.The Journal of Public Sector Policy Analysis.

The Journal of Public Sector Policy Analysis represents a watershed in the history of the Research and Planning Unit of the Economic Affairs Division and, indeed, of the wider public service.

Sector Rotation

These forecast images are show the RAP (Rapid Refresh) forecast for up to 6 hours from now. We process the data using the same routines used by the SFCOA . Sector analysis is an assessment of the economic and financial condition and prospects of a given sector of the economy.

Sector analysis serves to provide an investor with a judgment about how. Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center. The only industry forum for collaboration on critical security threats facing the global financial services sector.

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A comprehensive listing of major stock market sector indexes from Nasdaq.

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