The bite of the mango

Volume XV Number 5.

The bite of the mango

Each time, I flipped another section, the image of her despair and sorrow appeared to my head. Her life of the 12 was too miserable; I still could not imagine that all the bad things that happened in her life of twelve. For example, in the age of 12, she lost her two arm, even she was live, her life was something can be called by a curse.

She became a bagger girl, her pride was in ruin. Many people felt sorry for her and some people mocked her, these issues and sympathy became blade and poison to her heart.

Also she was raped by Saileu, someone Mariatu hated. By reading past story of chapter seven and dream of chapter eight, it shows how much she hated Saileu and uncertainty engagement with him. These painful emotions of giving up her love, having a baby from the person she hated, and pressure with despair of becoming a widow made her heart of 12 broken.

At last, these worst things happened in only age of the The age of 12 is the beginning of teenagers with puberty, which have their own thinking and justice.

She dreamed about peace, marrying someone she loved, and being happy in her environment. Yet the reality became on poor and miserable widow bagger girl.

In the age of 12, many people think about their enjoyment, pride, and dream. Just like this, Mariatu thought about her enjoyment, pride and dream either, but her thought shattered as dust. I still cannot imagine how she lived this painful environment with that age.

Therefore, I thank to her that she shared these painful memory with readers. I feel sorry for living a totally different life as I did, which was selfish and childish, but also I feel happy for her to now live in a wonderful area.

Now I just want to read this book, and wishing this memoir to be a beautiful happy ending.I think I finally have my life back together since I got back from Vegas on Monday.

The bite of the mango

I’m finally not falling asleep in the middle of the day while sitting up. There are numerous conflicts throughout the book The Bite of the Mango.

The main conflict of the book are the rebels vs. the people of Sierra Leone. The rebels are shown in the book to be savages, rapists, and violent men and women fighting the government. A blunt novel with the important message of peace, The Bite of the Mango is a captivating Non-Fiction that is about the journey of one girl from a war torn Sierra Leone to a new life in Canada.

Amazing! TESTED & PERFECTED RECIPE - Deliciously spiced tandoori chicken with super-crispy skin and fruity, tangy mango chutney to go alongside. May 11,  · After the reading chapter 6 to 10 of memoir called Bite of the Mango by Mariatu Kamara and Susan McClelland, I felt the surprise and poor for the main character.

Each time, I flipped another section, the image of her despair and sorrow appeared to my head. The Bite of the Mango is the true story of Mariatu Kamara, a girl born in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone, an impoverished country on the west coast of Africa, was in a horrific civil war while Mariatu was a child.

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