The history of nazism led by adolf hitler

It concerns a magic Ring granting its possessor the power to rule the world. The dream of Germania--capital of Greater Germany as envisioned by Hitler in his scale model of a postwar Berlin.

The history of nazism led by adolf hitler

A number of writers have claimed that Parsifal found favour with at least some of the Nazis. At the age of twelve, I saw In one instant I was addicted. My youthful enthusiasm for the Bayreuth Master knew no bounds. He was referring here to the Lex Parsifal for which the Wagner family and their supporters had campaigned a decade earlier, i.

The history of nazism led by adolf hitler

However, when German copyright law was being revised inHitler decided that he could not honour his earlier promise to the Wagners; in November he told Goebbels that the opera was not to be reserved for Bayreuth alone.

Hitler portrayed as Parsifal, with an eagle replacing the dove. This is one of several spearheads that have been claimed as the spear of Longinus.

It carried into battle by, amongst others, Henry the Fowler and Frederick Barbarossa. The king then suffers an incurable sickness, caused by his tainted blood. All of us suffer the sickness of miscegenated, corrupted blood. How can we purify ourselves and atone?

Note how the compassion that leads to knowledge applies only to the man who is inwardly corrupt, to the man of contradictions. And that this compassion admits of only one outcome, to allow the sick to die.

Eternal life, as vouchsafed by the Grailto those who are truly pure and noble! Only a new nobility can bring about the new culture. If we discount everything to do with poetry, it is clear that elitism and renewal exist only in the continuing strain of a lasting struggle. A divisive process is taking place in terms of world history.

The man who sees the meaning of life in conflict will gradually mount the stairs of a new aristocracy. He who desires the dependent joys of peace and order will sink back down to the unhistorical mass, no matter what his provenance.

Nazi Party - HISTORY

But the mass is prey to decay and self-disintegration. They should be left to die, together with all kings like Amfortas. In Parsifal, as Hitler knew, the sick are not allowed to die: There is no corroborative evidence for either of these claims. Hitler never ascribed any of his views to Wagner, not in Mein Kampf, his speeches, articles or recorded private conversations But Kubizek himself contradicted that story in his wartime Reminiscences, which he later expanded into the more marketable, post-war book Young Hitler.

There are elements of historical truth in his The Spear of Destiny In the early s Hermann Rauschning was the leader of the Nazi party in Danzig. After he defected from the party and from Germany, Rauschning claimed to have been a close personal friend of Hitler, and he wrote the book from which the above quotation has been taken.

As was often the case with defectors of later decades, Hermann Rauschning tried to satisfy the curiosity of his new masters even when his information was very limited; and like other defectors, he exaggerated his own importance and the extent of his high-level contacts.

As far as it has been established, Rauschning only met Hitler on a few occasions at Nazi party functions and their conversations consisted of small-talk. In his acclaimed biography of Hitler, Ian Kershaw wrote: Robert Feather, an English metallurgist and technical engineering writer, tested the lance for a documentary in January He was given unprecedented permission not only to examine the lance in a laboratory environment, but was allowed to remove the delicate bands of gold and silver that hold it together.

In the opinion of Feather and other academic experts, the likeliest date of the spearhead is the 7th century A. Feather stated in the same documentary that an iron pin — long claimed to be a nail from the crucifixion, hammered into the blade and set off by tiny brass crosses — is "consistent" in length and shape with a 1st-century A.

Milan, which had been the capital of the Western Roman Empire in the time of Constantine, was the capital of the Lombard kings Perctarit and his son Cunipert, who became Catholic Christians in the 7th century. Thus it seems possible that the iron point of the Lombardic royal lance might have been recast in the 7th century in order to enshrine one of the 1st-century Roman nails that St.

Helena was reputed to have found at Calvary and brought to Milan, thus giving a more Christian sacred aura to the old pagan royal lance. The Iron Crown of Lombardy dated to the 8th centurywhich eventually became the primary symbol of Lombardic kingship, takes its name from the tradition that it contains one of the holy nails.

The Story of Our Friendship, This page last updated applied new styles; added a tooltip; adjusted images Sat 14 July On the night of January 30, , Nazis in Berlin celebrated the appointment of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany by conducting massive torchlight parades.

Hitler Youth units were among those in the columns passing under the watchful gaze of Hitler and Paul von Hindenburg, the elderly president. Adolf Hitler (German: [ˈadɔlf ˈhɪtlɐ] (listen); 20 April – 30 April ) was a German politician, demagogue, and Pan-German revolutionary.

As leader of the Nazi Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei; NSDAP), he rose to power in Germany as Chancellor in and Führer ("Leader") in As dictator of Nazi Germany from .

Adolf Hitler - Rise to power: Discharged from the hospital amid the social chaos that followed Germany’s defeat, Hitler took up political work in Munich in May–June As an army political agent, he joined the small German Workers’ Party in Munich (September ).

In he was put in charge of the party’s propaganda and left the army to . The Nazi Party was a political party in Germany that rose to prominence in the 's, led by Adolf Hitler. Learn what led to the rise of the Nazis.

Downfall of Adolf Hitler. All of his life, Adolf Hitler had been obsessed with the musical works of German composer Richard Wagner. As a teenager living in Austria, Hitler was deeply inspired by Wagner's operas and their pagan, mythical tales of .

Founder of Nazism, dictator of Germany The ultimate aggressor and the ultimate evil. Adolf Hitler's Historic Background. To understand Adolf Hitler and his rise to power it's important to know the historic background.

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