The impact of culture on entrepreneural

Abstract Entrepreneurial characteristics and organisational culture have an impact on the innovative capability of a company. Therefore, our research tries to examine the influence of different individual entrepreneurial characteristics and organisational culture dimensions on corporate innovativeness and any direct subsequent company growth. To this end, a survey was performed on a sample of tourism companies in Slovenia.

The impact of culture on entrepreneural

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It has been widely acknowledged that Malaysian ethnic entrepreneurs play a key role in the success of SMEs businesses. However, RBV was considered as the most relevant underpinning theory according to the context of this study.

The impact of culture on entrepreneural

Furthermore, the positive and significant impacts of entrepreneurial competencies on business success were found only among Malaysian Chinese and Malay entrepreneurs. Likewise, findings revealed the positive and significant impact of entrepreneurial innovativeness on business success only among Malay and Indian entrepreneurs.

In addition, high environmental turbulence and high network competence were not found as significant moderators for entrepreneurial competencies-business success relationship among all ethnic entrepreneurs.

The impact of culture on entrepreneural

On the other hand, the positive and significant moderating impacts of high environmental turbulence on entrepreneurial innovativeness-business success relationship were found only among Chinese entrepreneurs.

Likewise, the positive and negative but significant moderating impacts of high network competence on the relationship between entrepreneurial innovativeness and business success were only found among Chinese and Indian entrepreneurs respectively.

Thus, this study had provided specific implications for each of the ethnic groups of Malaysian entrepreneurs.The Negative Side Effects of Entrepreneurial Failure For every startup success story, there are a dozen tales of demise.

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Scholars who study entrepreneurship have lent great value by exploring the factors that explain how entrepreneurs create new businesses and thus, how societies and economies grow and prosper. Although there has considerable research based on psychological and economic approaches to entrepreneurship, the influence of socio-cultural factors on .

impact on the organization process that contributes to firm survival and performance. Recent studies showed that organizational culture on corporate entrepreneurship.

The survey is conducted on a leading multinational Several past researches explored the relationship between various aspects of culture and entrepreneurial behavior . Unlocking the potential of female entrepreneurs would lift millions out of poverty, create jobs, increase incomes, and have important spillover effects that lead to .

An entrepreneurial culture is a culture where where ambitious thinking and free expression are encouraged and valued. People must be given the time and security to develop ideas that.

Based on research into entrepreneurship and promoters' activity, this study examines the influence of social network relationships on the success of cultural establishments in Germany.

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