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However, you'll find that the most common and convenient way to package content is by using Page. Furthermore, Page implements navigation-specific features to enhance their appearance and simplify development. Using Pageyou can declaratively implement a navigable page of XAML content by using markup like the following.

Thesaurus and hyperlink

Changes in Jarte 6. Jarte now supports plain text templates in addition to rich text templates. The tabs "Sort" command sorted open tabs in strict alphabetical order.

Tabs are now sorted in natural order similar to how Windows sorts file names. Jarte's automatic check for updates option stopped working when the Jarte website was moved to a Thesaurus and hyperlink server in The automatic update check now works properly in Jarte 6.

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The "Close and Delete" feature used to close the the currently open file before prompting to see if see if the user really wanted to send the file to the Recycle Bin. If multiple files were open then this could be a little confusing because the newly active file being shown by Jarte was not the one being deleted.

Jarte now waits for the user to respond to the prompt before closing and deleting a file.

Thesaurus and hyperlink

The problem only affected users who made use of advanced setting Web Browser Params. File hyperlinks created with Jarte do not normally work in other word processors because the links are designed in a special way to make them portable. Unfortunately, that shortcut key was already in use as a means of backspacing a word at a time, which was then inaccessible.

Using the "Attached Note" shortcut key while Jarte's main menu was displayed caused the File Options submenu to appear before the Attached Note disalog. Jarte would not create a new document from a template if the template file itself was already open.

The JarteRunCommand script helper function did not work properly for a handful of commands. When the Format Brush was used to apply a heading style to a line it would appear to work except the line was not internally converted to a true heading.

This would mean that programs such as screen readers would recognize the line as a header. The file type filter in the Open and Save file dialogs did not behave as expected when its value was changed. Attempts to display the new modern style file Open and Save dialog windows in version 6.

Some characters were not being displayed correctly in Jarte 6.


The characters affected were accented characters and certain symbol characters that do not appear on US keyboards. Jarte Plus now facilitates automation of common tasks via use of AutoHotkey scripts. You can create your own scripts and assign them to custom shortcut keys or to custom Quick Bar buttons.

Templates now support special tags used to insert the current date, insert the current clipboard contents, position the text cursor at a desired position, and run AutoHotkey scripts. Jarte's Quick Bar now automatically squeezes buttons in the Quick Bar closer together when the program window is not otherwise wide enough to display all of the buttons.

This behavior can be disabled in Quick Bar's advanced configuration dialog.Visualization of Roget's Thesaurus View Words and Senses Graphs: Networks, or graphs, can show detailed relationships between words and their senses.

Here is an example for the word "happy". You can generate an onscreen graph of any word, its senses and synonyms, (for a faster neighbourhood, Click here..

Thesaurus and hyperlink

Lattices: FCA (Formal Concept Analysis) lattices give an ordered view of relationships. Yes, cyan would also work for that color.

But arctic could be a more evocative word, depending on the context of the sentence and story. The point of this color thesaurus wasn’t to % match the word with the color, so much as explore different evocative and sensual word choices that push past one’s first word choice of blue.

Hyperlink synonyms. Top synonym for hyperlink (other word for hyperlink) is hypertext link. Popular programs such as Microsoft Word now include a spelling and grammar checker, thesaurus, clip art, hyperlink, page layout, envelope and label creation, mail merge and other tools that used to be provided by other programs.

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Pumping up your word processor's muscle. hyperlink - definition and synonyms. Using the thesaurus ; Close. What are red words? Thesaurus. The thesaurus of synonyms and related words is fully integrated into the dictionary. Click on the thesaurus category heading under the button in an entry to see the synonyms and related words for that meaning.

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